My first job: Cleaning Computers, or “The Dust of our Lives”

My computer teacher hired myself and a friend of mine the summer we were headed into the 9th grade to clean all the computers in the school district. Seven separate schools over a one or two week period where we cleaned monitors, removed dust (and boy was there dust), and made sure they all turned back on when we were done.

I made about $900 total, but I also gained a love of computers. That job is one of the reasons I write software today.

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Play it, baby!

If I were able to play the guitar with great skill, I would play either Hazard by Richard Marx or Joy to the World by Three Dog Night. Not conventional choices, but both are great songs. Hazard is a good choice because its one of those songs that tells a story. Joy to the World is on of those tunes that you can’t help but get up to dance and sing. I love music like that.

So guess what, I wouldn’t play just one song! If I could all of a sudden play the guitar I would play for days.

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Where my life began

I started a project a couple years ago. I wanted to collect all my family photographs and digitize them all. That way I would always be able to remember the past and look fondly upon those events and people.

This lead me to a photo I didn’t know existed. It’s of my parents and grandparents standing on my grandparents front lawn. I thought “these six people are the reason I’m here at all”. Even though I wasn’t to be born for a few more years, I look at that photo and I can’t help but think that was where my life began. Three of the six people in that photograph have since passed, and while that fills me with sadness, that photo helps me to remember them and the love I have for them all.

A new focus, and hopefully a new start.

I’ve decided to give this blog a more professional spin.  I’m in the process of splitting this blog into two separate sites, one for my personal stuff and the other having a more professional focus.  Since this is my main site I will keep the professional stuff here and I’ll be creating a sub site for my personal stuff.  I’m hoping this will get me blogging again about some topics that aren’t just development related.