Twenty Thirteen – First Impressions

As a WordPress developer I get very excited when I get something new to play with.  Tonight I got an e-mail with a new post announcing Twenty Thirteen, and I was compelled to try it out.  I’ll leave it to the post to go over the features, but so far I really like the direction this theme is going.  I wish there were more options to change the color without diving into the CSS, lucky for me I enjoy messing with CSS 🙂

A new focus, and hopefully a new start.

I’ve decided to give this blog a more professional spin.  I’m in the process of splitting this blog into two separate sites, one for my personal stuff and the other having a more professional focus.  Since this is my main site I will keep the professional stuff here and I’ll be creating a sub site for my personal stuff.  I’m hoping this will get me blogging again about some topics that aren’t just development related.